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padlock iconSSL Certificates / Secure Webmail

We've installed a "real" certificate on this server now, which means you won't see certificate warnings any more -- at least on .

Since (and any of the other domains you might be using) all point to the same place -- this page -- you can use the URL to get here securely.

Note: the same certificates are also used for POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. This means that you should configure your e-mail program (if you use one) to use '' as the server name, to avoid complaints about invalid certificates.

Recent scam e-mails

We may list subject lines and excerpts of scam e-mails here, to help you identify them. For now, suffice it to say that NO ONE will EVER EVER EVER legitimately ask you for your password in an e-mail. EVER! DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD IN AN E-MAIL! Period! We cannot stress that enough, as people are still falling for those "your account will be deactivated" scams.

Blocked Hosts/Domains

Host/DomainWhy blocked
easythrivingwithyou.comThis domain sends out advertising/shopping e-mails with no apparent way to unsubscribe. They have no website.

See the entire block list as a text file.